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Save the Planet

The earth is the unique planet on which there is life. Over the years, human being exhausted the resources of the planet especially during the industrialization period. The proliferation of oil-based mobility and coal-based energy generating plants resulted in more CO2 emissions to atmosphere. Due to this, besides extinction of many species of animals and plants, the climate change and global warming existed. Since all these abnormalities threaten human being life, a global awareness has been arisen about the environment. The usage of renewables and electrical vehicles have been stimulated by the governments to reduce CO2 emissions. However, these efforts are not enough to save the planet.

All individuals and companies should contribute this issue by their habits and more efficient products/processes. Being awareness of this fact, DENATSU ELECTRONICS aims to design and implement high efficient power converters with optimum numbers of components. Moreover, we use electronics components and materials according to global environment standards. We believe that the rising consciousness of next generation about the environment will save the planet in the near future.

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