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Product & Solution Development

In accordance with the customer requirements, we develop tailor–made complete products/solutions based on mixed-signal electronics systems and/or power converters.

We design and implement the following products/systems:

  • Rack-designed flexible DSP/FPGA based multi-purpose controllers for power converters

  • PLC based main controller and HMI systems for power converters

  • PLC, microcontroller and DSP based automation system of third-party systems

  • Signal conditioning and DAQ systems

  • Transient-free switching controllers & Semiconductor test benches

  • High-power DC Chopper units

  • Low voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) STATCOM Systems

  • Medium Voltage Static VAr Compensators (SVC)

  • Conventional Reactive Power Compensation Systems such as MSC, TSC and LC-type Harmonic Filters

  • Thyristor based Soft Starters for MV Induction Motors and LCI based Motor Drivers for MV Synchronous Motors

1309. Cad. No:5/3
06460 Çankaya
Ankara, TURKEY