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Semiconductor Switching Test Bench

Our Semiconductor Switching Test Bench is used to conduct current and voltage switching tests of the semiconductors which are used in power converters especially under high voltages. An adequate firing pattern for tested semiconductors is configured by a user-friendly Java based software. Isolation and safety provisions between operator and the test object are provided by using fiber-optic based inputs and outputs. The bench also checks health of the driver circuits during the tests.

The switching tests of HV IGBTs for half-leg inverters in Figure given above can be carried out by the TEST BENCH. A firing pattern like in Figure is configured by a user-friendly Java based software. The ON and OFF durations (T1, T2 and T3) of the pulses can easily be arranged by TEST BENCH as per R-L values to examine Turn-ON and Turn-OFF characteristics of IGBT parts as well as reverse recovery behaviour of Diode parts. Furthermore, the TEST BENCH can also be used for four (4) HV IGBTs simultaneously if it is required to test H-Bridge circuits.

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