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Consultation & Training

Thanks to our experienced team, we provide consultancy and training for mixed-signal electronics, power electronics, embedded software and power quality to speed-up our customers' developing time.

We offer consultancy and training in the following areas of expertise:

  • Design of overall mixed-signal electronics systems with embedded software

  • Design of the electronics cards for signal conditioning, DSP/FPGA based controllers, fiber-optic and/or opto-coupler based digital I/O and communications

  • PCB Design Considerations

  • Selection of PLC based main controllers and design of HMI systems

  • Simulation and dimensioning of power converters for STATCOM, SVC, TSC, Soft-Starter and Motor Drives

  • Component selection for power converters

  • Power Quality standards, measurement methods and analysis

  • Equipment and test device selection

1309. Cad. No:5/3
06460 Çankaya
Ankara, TURKEY