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Project Partnership

As a reliable partner, we provide up-to-date smart electronics systems for monitoring and controlling of multidisciplinary high-tech projects for reputable companies. We take part in Joint Venture (JV) projects mainly in the areas of automation and control systems and power converters. Moreover, we conduct Power Quality (PQ) measurements and analyse them to offer optimum solutions. Since we carry calculations, simulations, and prototyping phases of the new products, our partner mainly deals with manufacturing and marketing phases. Furthermore, we provide consultancy/supervision for our partners within the scope of research, development, prototyping, testing and commissioning of their new products, systems and projects.

We cooperate with our customers for the following areas of expertise:

  • DSP/FPGA based multi-purpose controllers

  • Complete power converter design

  • PLC based main controllers with HMI systems

  • Measurement and analysis of PQ problems with optimum solutions

  • Early-stage studies (calculations, simulations and prototyping) of new products or systems

  • Full-range consultancy/supervision of new products and systems

1309. Cad. No:5/3
06460 Çankaya
Ankara, TURKEY