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Multi-Purpose Controller

Today, power converters consisting of high-count number of power semiconductors are widely applied for Motor Driver, Soft-Starter, TSC, SVC and STATCOM systems at MV and/or HV levels. Since the requirements of each system are different in terms of control, protection and safety provisions; a flexible, modular and reliable platform is necessary to overcome these issues.

DENATSU Electronics’ multi-purpose controller is configured in accordance with project requirements by means of its flexible hardware and software infrastructure. Designed as a rack-based system, it contains signal conditioning cards, up-to-date DSP and/or FPGA control and firing cards, fiber-optic and/or opto-coupler based isolated digital I/O and communication cards. In addition, our controller is capable of communicating with any high-level controlling and monitoring systems like PLC, HMI and SCADA by using state-of-the-art interface circuitries.

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