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Our Company

Being a high-tech innovative company, DENATSU Electronics aims to design and implement reliable and cost-effective products/solutions with a tailor-made approach based on mixed-signal electronics systems as well as power converters. Apart from new products and solutions, our services portfolio also include Consultation/Training of our expertise area, Project Partnership about up-to-date electronics systems, and Engineering/Technical Support for engineering simulations and calculations.

Our key target is to be recognized within the concept of high-tech engineering, extensive expertise, and commitment to excellence by offering the most reliable products/solutions within a cost-effective manner for our customers’ satisfaction.

We remember John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley from Bell Laboratories with respect for being pioneers of digital electronics by inventing transistor in 1947.


The Team

Inspired by the great scientist Nikola TESLA from his devotion to science with unlimited ambitions and hard work, we utilize our leading-edge designs and innovative solutions with mainly Ph.D. and M.Sc. holding professional experts of mixed signal electronics and power electronics having prosperous technical background of research, development and field tests.

Principles of our team have been actively involved in various hands-on high-tech domestic and international projects including but not limited to Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), Static VAR Compensator (SVC) and Back-to-Back HVDC.

1309. Cad. No:5/3
06460 Çankaya
Ankara, TURKEY