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the Analog Earth

in Digital Manner

We are here

to speed-up

your development time

Regulating Power Grid

with smart

electronic systems


Power Electronics


Consultation & Training

Thanks to our experienced team, we provide consultancy and training for mixed-signal electronics, power electronics, embedded software coding and power quality to speed-up our customers' developing time.                      

Project Partnership

As a trustworthy partner, we provide up-to-date smart electronics systems for monitoring and controlling of multidisciplinary high-tech projects of many customers and solution partners.

Product & Solution Development

According to our customer requirements, with our tailor-made approach, we develop complete products/solutions based on mixed-signal electronics systems and/or power converters.

Engineering & Technical Support

With our wide infrastructure of design tools, we carry engineering simulations/calculations during the early stage of the projects and provide the technical support.


Our Products

               Multi-Purpose Controller

Developed for controlling high power converters used for Motor Driver, Soft-Starter, TSC, SVC and STATCOM systems. Our controller can be easily configured as per project requirements by its flexible hardware and software infrastructure. Designed as a rack-based control system, it contains analog interface cards, DSP and/or FPGA based control cards, fiber-optic and/or opto-coupler based isolated digital inputs and outputs and communication cards.

      Transient-Free Switching Controller

Switching instant of Circuit-Breakers (CBs) is very crucial for the loads of shunt capacitors, reactors and power transformers in power transmission and distribution systems. Designed to switch circuit breakers at the exact desired time to prevent transient surges of current and voltage. Thanks to applied advance signal processing techniques and Java based user friendly control software, operators can determine the switching instants of CBs resulting in eliminated transients.

        Semiconductor Switching Test Bench

Designed to conduct current and voltage switching tests of semiconductors used in power converters especially under high voltage. An appropriate firing pattern for the tested semiconductors is configured by a user-friendly Java based software in this test bench. Isolation and safety measures between operator and the device under test are integrated by means of fiber-optic based inputs and outputs. The bench also checks health of driver circuits during the tests.

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